Slow Hair Growth After Chemo

Q: I am getting ready to go through chemo, does NHL offer treatments to keep my hair during treatment?

While we know the potential to lose hair during chemotherapy can be scary and emotional. Our team of professionals prefer proven methods of hair restoration following chemotherapy over the “gamble” of trying to save hair during chemotherapy treatment. We have seen damage to hair follicles from methods such as cold cap and scalp cooling systems. We prefer to help you get the hair back quickly and healthily once your chemo journey is complete.

Q: Why am I experiencing slow hair growth after chemo?

Many of our clients experience slow regrowth in areas like temples, top of head and crown. Upon evaluation with a consultant we can typically find rather quickly that this person has a pattern of “genetic hair thinning.” Even if you never had hair concerns prior to chemotherapy it is possible that the stress on your body has now pushed you into genetic hair thinning. Since this is a more usual scenario we see, we have an oncology-friendly plan of action in place to get you on the path to healthier, thicker hair. For others, this thinning may be due to the use of aromatase or estrogen inhibitors post chemotherapy. We are well versed in caring for this type of thinning and can help devise a plan that is approved by your oncologist.

Q: What hair care products should I use for my hair after chemo and can I get them from NHL?

At NHL we are ingredient junkies and always want to make sure you are dispensed safe, effective and naturally based products to use for your hair regrowth. On our shelves you will find paraben and sulfate free products that include botanical ingredients safe for patients to use before, during and after chemotherapy. Schedule a no charge consultation to find out the best haircare recipe for you!

Q: What treatments does NHL offer to help hair regrow after chemo?

We offer paraben/sulfate-free topical treatments that help you to jumpstart your natural growth process. For someone who is looking to fast track their growth, we have at-home medical grade laser. This technology is proven both safe and effective in stimulating hair following chemotherapy. All “Lasers” are NOT created equally. Talk to our team about the differences between devices to make sure they are oncology-friendly.

Complimentary Hair Evaluations Available in the Office or Online (Virtual Video Chat):