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National Hair Loss is dedicated to building your confidence through our cosmetic treatments.
Watch the videos below to find out what is possible.

Patient Video:

iHeart Radio DJ Johnjay Van Es Hair Loss Journey

iHeartRadio & KISS FM Phoenix local DJ, Johnjay Van Es shares his experience with Male Pattern Baldness and finding hair loss treatments that work. Johnjay has tried an array of treatments to stop his hair loss, rejuvenate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Treatments for hair loss loss including hair transplants, laser cap, Rogaine, Propecia, and PRP lair loss. Recently, he did scalp micropigmenation (SMP). SMP is one of the hottest procedures that replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair!

Team Video:

National Hair Loss Grand Opening at Scottsdale Quarter

National Hair Loss flagship office is located at the prestigious Scottsdale Quarter in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our team of top professionals bring the world’s best treatments for hair and skin to the southwest. Clients from all over visit our office for our exceptional customer experience and result driven treatments.

Book your complimentary consultation today for any of our hair or skin services.

Patient Video:

Chemotherapy Hair Growth

We provide a dedicated division to providing oncology-friendly hair services to cancer patients suffering from chemotherapy hair loss.

Our dedicated team provides custom Hair Recovery Programs to help stimulate hair regrowth after chemotherapy. One patient describes the feeling of completing her journey when she noticed her hair growing back in. Learn more about how our treatments help with hair growth – Book a complimentary consultation.

Team Video:

Oncology-Friendly Services

National Hair Loss offers oncology-friendly hair restoration and skin rejuvenation treatments to cancer patients experiencing the physical changes from treatment.

Our dedicated team provides customized programs to help you look and feel your best. Learn more about how our oncology-friendly treatments – Book a complimentary consultation.

Team Video:

National Hair Loss featured on Comedy Central – Youtube Originals with Comedian Charles Gould

Charles Gould asks and answers all the important questions about male pattern baldness so that you don’t have to. Featuring National Hair Loss Beverly Hills office and team member Stephen Madaus.

Patient Video:

Successfully Treating Alopecia Areata

Our team is one of  the first in the country to introduce methods to stimulate hair regrowth for alopecia areata using stem cells. Our programs include use of laser therapy to encourage blood vessels to open and PRP to accelerated growth process. By combining our expertise in alopecia areata and new science based treatments, we are are able to grow back hair for alopecia areata patients.

Stop taking steroid shots for your alopecia and find a successful solution to treat hair loss.

Team Video:

Alopecia Areata in Women

Brittany G., National Hair Loss Creative Director,  shares some of her feelings as young female with Alopecia Areata. Brittany used Capillus medical grade laser to recover her hair (Capillus is available through National Hair Loss).

National Hair Loss specializes in creating personalized hair recovery programs for men and women battling alopecia areata and various forms of alopecia. Learn about new therapies to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth without the use of medications or creams. Avoid treatments such as steroid injections and Rogaine that have known side effects and are filled with harsh chemicals.