James Charles Hair Loss from Bleaching

Why does James Charles have hair loss?

Recently James Charles expressed concerns of having hair loss simply because of bleaching his hair. He states “Obviously, you guys know I’ve been wearing hats and stuff. It’s because there is so much breakage and damage from the bleaching process,” James said. I think when you’re a beauty influencer at his caliber it’s fun to get creative with different looks.


Overall bleaching agents can do some damage on those hair strands. The hair can start feel very brittle, dry and frizzy. Many can experience hair breakage without proper application or post bleaching hair treatments. Hair damage can also be determined by how extreme your color goals are and hair type. For example, if it’s just highlights vs a full-on platinum blonde take over its going to be a much different experience.

Can bleaching your hair cause hair loss?

Bleaching hair in my opinion can cause chemical damage hair loss if the application process is negligent. I think most who experience negative experiences from bleaching their hair is dealing with hair damage without proper post hair treatments. Instagram is a great place to find professionals who share and educate their work with clients. Many who are actually educators for different products or lines. Utilize your resources, send DMs and ask questions.

Most professionals are conservative in this process and educate you on what to expect. In general, our hair is healthy enough to withstand the bleaching process. It’s all about the method of treating the hair and what products you use at home after each bleach application.

Answers provided by Stephen Madaus, California Division Leader & Concierge Consultant 

NHL Client with hair loss from bleaching. Before and results at 6 months on NHL Hair Recovery Program using physician grade laser therapy.

“This young man experienced hair loss after a bleaching treatment. Before his hair felt like feathery whips and was very thin. Now, 6 months into his treatment  his hair is visibly thicker and looks much healthier!”

Brandy L., Concierge Consultant

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