Hush&Hush Hair Supplement Review

National Hair Loss has collaborated with Hush&Hush to offer hair growth supplements. Why did we choose Hush&Hush to other hair supplements brands – the quality of their product and ingredients. Unlike other brands on the market, they focus on results rather than marketing tactics.

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Differences between Hush&Hush Deeply Rooted – Nutrafol – Viviscal

Information provided by Hush&Hush.

Viviscal Hair Supplements

The main ingredient in this product is shark cartilage. It does help with hair growth, and contains Biotin, but its ONLY addressing hair growth, none of the other issues that cause or prevent hair loss/thinning. (it’s mono targeted) Deeply Rooted addresses more triggers for hair loss and has far more ingredients and takes a more holistic approach by adding ingredients such as Ashwaganda and Tocotrienol/Tocopherol complex (which helps stress levels and defends against environmental damage), and several DHT inhibitors to prevent hair loss and thinning such as Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin seed oil, and Natural Astaxanthin.

Nutrafol Hair Supplements

In a nutshell, we have 10 more ingredients than they do in their products. They also have 3 products; Women’s, Men’s and Women’s Balance (more a marketing tactic than need). We believe in needing only one product for everyone.

*Ingredients we have in Deeply Rooted, and they don’t have: Niacin, Vit B12, Pantothenic Acid, Ginseng Root Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Root, Amla Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Coconut Water, Organic Himalayin Shilajit, Natural Astaxanthin, Arginine HCL.

Basically, the difference in their Men’s and Women’s formula is that the Men’s has more Saw Palmetto than their Women’s, and the Women’s Balance (for menopausal women) is basically the Women’s formula but with Maca added. Ingredients that we have in Deeply Rooted. Rhodiola Rosea Root, B12, Pumpkin seed oil, Niacin. Nutraful started offering these after we launched, and they are only available online, so the consumer would have to purchase more products from Nutrafol to get the ingredients that we have already included in Deeply Rooted.

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